Bahamas Vacation Part 3 (Final)

Before reading this post, be sure to read my Bahamas Vacation Part 1 and Part 2.

On our way back from Harbour Island, we stopped at a very specific point in the road. You see, the island of Eleuthera is one very long and narrow island and it is only here at what is called the Glass Window can you see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from the same spot.

I had my photographer do a panoramic shot of me at this landmark. Now, this shot is not for the amateur celebrity. You have to stay very still while the camera pans across, otherwise you’ll turn out as a blur.

Panoramic Dachshund Picture

No biggie. Ask me to stand on one paw and stick my tongue out for this shot and then we’ll call it a challenge ; )

Everyday we were there we hit a beach, but always a different one. One of the ones we went to was particularly good for snorkeling.

Now based on the tests I did with my snorkel gear before leaving for the Bahamas, I had determined that it was most likely a costume and not real snorkel gear. I was quite disappointed with this, but I figured I still might as well take advantage of it.

So even if I couldn’t actually ‘snorkel’, I could still look like a professional snorkeler for all the people watching. After all, looking cool and like I know what I’m doing is all I really care about anyway.

Cute Dachshund Snorkel Costume

I would say I pulled off the look pretty good. I couldn’t help but notice a few Scuba divers stop and glance my way, too. I just acted like I was trying to decide on the best place to ‘hit the reef’.

As much as I wanted to go in the water and see a bunch of fishies, I don’t think this gear would hold up too well in the water – especially these water-‘loose’ goggles. I was happy to watch Mum go for a dip though.

Cute Doxie Costume

When she noticed that I was eying the water, she helped me switch over from my snorkel gear to my life jacket.

For some reason a life jacket just doesn’t look as cool.. (But make sure to wear one, kids!)

I would also like to point out my cool beach tent in the background (which for some reason – and to Mum’s disappointment, I just never felt like using).

Cute Dachshund Life Jacket

Once I had on my life jacket, I changed my mind about swimming, and just decided I’d like to stay warm and dry instead of cold and wet..

That seems to be the decision I usually come to, unless there are fish or duckies involved. That seems to be the only exception.

Speaking of fish, the next place we went to was called Ocean Hole, which is a small inland salt water lake that the locals say is bottomless, but is actually somehow fed by the ocean deep underground (the connection to the ocean has still never been found). Anyway, it’s absolutely full of marine life!

I could sense when Mum tensed up a little and took hold of my collar that something exciting was about to happen.

Ocean Hole Eleuthera Bahamas

(I don’t think I need to point out my stunning figure here, but in case you didn’t notice – it’s stunning).

I was right to be excited, because within moments of Mum and Dad dropping a few balls of bread into the water, there was a frantic frenzy of fish right below my nose!

As you can imagine, I was on the edge of my toes – er, paws, to get a closer look (or bite). If Mum had let go of my collar I surely would have dove head first in there after them.

Mum didn’t want me to do that though, because right here in front of me was a pretty big grouper!

Grouper Fish - Bahamas

I’d eat that sucker for lunch though.

I feel Mum could have more confidence in my hunting/fishing skills sometimes. That’s another discussion of its own though.

So, can you guess where to next? (The beach..)

I’ve heard that pirates used to bury their treasures in these parts, so I figured who could have a better chance of digging up some treasure than a dachshund? I’m sure that for whichever beach we went to during our trip that I must have dug at least 10 holes. Can you believe I didn’t find a single ounce of treasure? What a rip..

Cute Dachshund Digging

I may not have found treasure of the regular sense, but I did somehow dig up my favorite squeaky ball just about every time! Mum accused me of just burying it and then digging it up again only to claim I had just found it. I just waved her off with notions of ‘she doesn’t know what she’s talking about’..

(I got that from Dad).

One thing I haven’t talked about yet are all the stray dogs that were always patrolling the beaches. Mum was worried I’d get in a tussle with one of them, and for good reason, because I almost did. Luckily (for the other dog), Dad jumped in the middle to stop it.

But I knew after that I had to be on the lookout. These stray dogs may be just regular dogs at heart, but they’re used to a different way of life here, and if that interferes with the luxury, pampered vacation of your favorite celebrity dachshund, then there’s no other to keep the peace than BATDOG!


That old post was a great vantage point to keep watch on that beach. Regular eye sweeps are necessary.

I didn’t see any.

On the very last day I was there, I cuddled with Mum and watched the sunset over the horizon. If you look at the below picture, you can see the sunset in my eye.

Doxie Sunset Picture

And so that’s the end of my Bahamas vacation. Thanks for reading about my adventures, and I’m already looking forward to my next vacation – wherever that may be ; )

When I arrived back home, I immediately saw the status reports from my Superdog sidekicks, Mighty Milla & Teckleman. They were quite detailed reports, which I was impressed to see. So anyway, I will have to wait until my next post to recap those because this one’s already getting a bit long. Stay tuned fellow citizens of the world.

Keep vacationin’,

~ Crusoe

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Keep ballin’,