Crusoe on DVD!

$24.99 USD

Crusoe on DVD!

$24.99 USD

We finally did it! We brought virtually of Crusoe's content made up to Summer 2019 onto DVD!

  • Includes 5 DVD discs
  • DVDs are Standard Definition
  • Encoded for Worldwide Regions, including: US & Canada, Australia, UK, Europe & Asia
  • Includes virtually every video from start to Summer 2019*. See product image for DVD titles.
  • Specifically, DVD includes (more titles in product images):
    • DISC 1: Season 1-3 of The Crusoe Show
    • DVD 2: shorts & skits from 2015
    • DVD 3: shorts & skits from 2016
    • DVD 4: shorts & skits from 2017
    • DVD 5: shorts & skits from 2018/summer 2019, & Crusoe's Vine video compilation

*Some of the older, less popular videos may be missing due to lack of quality or music copyright. But check the Product Images above to see some of the exact titles included. Since there are so many titles on each disc, we have just listed out the top ones for each disc. If you'd like to inquire if another video is there, send us an email to

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
O B Barnett
Crusoe on dvd

Wonderful & very entertaining! Loved every episode!

Linda Freed

I enjoyed it very much

Mary Whitney

I love it I watch three shows a night and gives me peace and takes my mind off of my troubles I would recommend these DVDs for presents and I would like to see them make a television program better than the stuff they have on TV

Rose DiVece

Best dvd ever

Jacob damask jr
I love it.

When I was a kid I loved cruose and the gang so for them to make a DVD for all the episodes though 2019 it will be amazing