#CrusoeStrong Fundraiser Shirt

#CrusoeStrong Fundraiser Shirt

100% of all profits from this campaign will forever go towards a charity cause.

This tee was originally designed for The Crusoe Fund, which raised funds for Cornell University after their successful treatment of Crusoe for his gallbladder/liver issues. We have now relaunched this t-shirt, and will continue to use it as a fundraiser for important causes that are meaningful to use. Some of these may include:

  •     Cornell University & their Hospital for Animals
  •     Guelph University & their Hospital for Animals
  •     Ontario SPCA
  •     BC SCPA
  •     Canadian Dachshund Rescue
  •     and more.


Various styles (including t-shirts, tank tops, v-neck, women's fit, and more) as well as various colors, available through the Crusoe Bonfire store.

multiples styles and colors available

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