#CrusoeStrong Fundraiser Shirt

#CrusoeStrong Fundraiser Shirt

100% of all profits from this campaign will forever go towards a charity cause.

This tee was originally designed for The Crusoe Fund, which raised funds for Cornell University after their successful treatment of Crusoe for his gallbladder/liver issues. We have now relaunched this t-shirt, and will continue to use it as a fundraiser for important causes that are meaningful to use. Some of these may include:

  •     Cornell University & their Hospital for Animals
  •     Guelph University & their Hospital for Animals
  •     Ontario SPCA
  •     BC SCPA
  •     Ontario Dachshund Rescue
  •     and more.


Various styles (including t-shirts, tank tops, v-neck, women's fit, and more) as well as various colors, available through the Crusoe Bonfire store.

multiples styles and colors available

Available from:

CURRENTLY SUPPORTING: (as of Nov 20, 2021): proceeds are going towards the BC SPCA to help animals that have been impacted by the severe and disastrous flooding in British Columbia, Canada. You can read more on what's been happening here.