Crusoe's Favorite Squeaky Balls

$24.99 USD

Crusoe's Favorite Squeaky Balls

$24.99 USD
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Crusoe's all-time favorite squeaky balls in the world! (6-pack). Great for small dogs.

  • These squeaky balls toys come in a 6-pack and each is 2" in diameter. (May be too small for some medium/large dogs)
  • Dog-safe, made of 100% latex

WARNING: these squeaky balls are addictive to dogs and the incessant, annoying squeaking may drive you up the walls. Buy at your own risk! Don't say we didn't warn you!


Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Michael Ames
Jazz Loved Tem

They are just the perfect size for small dogs. Great for throwing.

Melissa Pietrick
We love these squeaky balls too!

Crusoe know his stuff! These squeaky balls are just the right size for a dachshund and my Lucas loves them! Soft enough to utter the perfect squeak without too much pressure yet strong enough to hold up to multiple games of fetch! 5 stars!!

Donna Downs
My Maltese LOVES These Balls

My Maltese LOVES the squeaky balls! He gets so excited when I squeak them when he's not looking! They are perfect for his small mouth and he carries them everywhere! Well worth the money!

Debi Willoughby

Got it, thank you. He loves the toys.

Shane Hahn
Great toy

Loki, our miniature dachshund, loves playing with the Crusoe's favorite squeaky balls. They squeak and squeak. We have to take them away at night so we can watch TV and settle down for the night. Any dog would love these toys.