Welcome to My New Home

Well fans, I’ve finally moved into my new home, and I love it! Mum and Dad never actually took me for a viewing before we bought it (which is still a controversial subject within our household), so this was actually my first time seeing the place!

But it’s great. It’s a two-story townhouse in a nice neighborhood, and I haven’t even seen any wired-hairs yet! We have two balconies – no backyard, but lots more space than we did before. The first thing I did when we got there was put up my sign on the front door.

I would have preferred a sign that said, ‘BEWARE – SEXY DOG’, but for some reason they don’t make those..

So we moved in on the Saturday. Mum and I went over first to help bring in the boxes and organize them as they came in. On my first entry into the house, I was immediately perturbed by a strange scent afoot. Even though the place was spick and span, my nose did not fail to pick it up. I asked Mum what it was, and she informed me that there used to be a CAT in this house!

So that was not a good start for me, and our little ‘controversial subject’ just got a lot bigger. Anyway, my first concern was that the cat had probably bugged the house with secret video cameras and whatnot. I imagine the cat probably got word that I was moving here from a wired-hair informant.

How could I not expect something like this?..

Anyway, I used my good ol’ sniffer to check out the house, and luckily, no bugs. That was a close call.

My next order of business was to check out the sweet balcony! I’ve been waiting for this. Now I’ll finally be able to relax outside during the day with some fresh air. This is definitely a plus for me, and will be perfect for babe-watching. I’m not sure if the ladies will be able to hear my ‘cat calls’ (ironically titled, I know) from up here, so I’ve asked Dad to pick up a couple of standard water safety whistles for me.


I am very happy to see that we have a nice kitchen also. This will be great for entertaining all my guests. In fact, I’m already picturing my first party..


Although, there was something missing, and I knew what it was. I specifically remember Dad telling me that this place came with its very own private chef (as was one of my requirements in purchasing a new home). So where the heck is he? I asked Dad and he said the chef was probably off since it was the weekend, but that he would be here tomorrow.

I don’t know, but I better have a steaming hot breakfast made by my own private doggy chef tomorrow or there’s going to be one grumpy wiener in this house.

And just to top it off, as we were settling in, guess who shows up? – the cable guy.


I told my fans on Facebook that I would keep a close eye on him, and I did. Lucky for him he didn’t try anything stupid. After all that stress with moving and being thrown into a new house and neighborhood, I was just looking for a reason to blow off some steam.

I also really like having two floors, believe it or not. I love waiting at the top of the stairs for Mum to come up so I can give her kisses when she gets to the top.


On my first day there I took a stroll around the neighborhood, which was a painfully slow walk for Mum and Dad because I was so busy sniffing all the new smells.

But the next day was a different story. I purposely drank as much water as I could that morning in anticipation. Then, when Mum and Dad took me out, I was doing the ol’ spray paint routine of peeing on everything down the street.


So overall, I’m really liking the new place, and settling in just fine.

There’s still a lot more exploring I’ll need to do in the house and in the neighborhood, but I think I’m going to be very comfortable here.


And actually – a recent development just as of last night, I had one of my fans stop by to welcome me to the neighborhood! That’s right, two wieners (smooth, not wired-hairs) showed up at my door (I guess they recognized my door from the picture I shared on Facebook), and offered me some nice bones as a welcome gift. How’s that for a first impression of the neighborhood? Pretty good if you ask me. Keep those treats comin’, people.

I’ll let you know how things develop, and if I end up getting that private chef.

Keep inspectin’,

~ Crusoe

Keep ballin’,